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| October 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Viva La Nina!



Turns on Mt Hood


Well, I wish I could claim that I made it out yesterday and took this shot, but alas, I was not able to rally for the snow window, but Jason Leslie, a regular contributor to the mag, was kind enough to share his turns with us. Mt. Hood received 30+ inches of snow this week and kicked off an early start to the season. Here is what Jason had to say about the first turns of the 2010-11 season;


I only ski because I have to, and yesterday was purely a required solo brain-storming session. And while I tried my hardest to have as little fun as possible, the skiing was actually quite nice. Three plus feet of wind compacted snow with a nice layer of ankle deep fluff . . .


Viva La Nina!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Primus EtaSolo Stove



Primus EtaSolo Camp StoveI have used an MSR XGK or Whisperite stove in the backcountry for nearly two decades. This summer, I was turned on to the new wave of super efficient and light canister stoves pioneered by Jetboil. I was quickly impressed with the Jetboil's efficency and functionality. Not to be out done by the new kid on the block, Primus, longtime player in the camp stove market, has their own version of the super efficient canister stove called the EtaSolo.


The EtaSolo follows the same basic design as the Jetboil Flash system. It is an integrated cookpot and stove system that runs on a standard isobutane/propane canister and can boil about half a liter (16oz) of water.  I wrote up the Jetboil Flash Java Kit in a September post. When Primus offered up their EtaSolo for comparison, I was stoked to check it out.


A couple of details set the Primus apart from the Jetboil. First, it comes standard with a kit that allows cooking with any standard camp pot, and it includes a hanging adapter for use with its integral pot that allows you to hang the whole apparatus. Second, the pot is a little smaller than Jetboil's 1-liter system. Third, the Primus does not include the French press coffee plunger like the Jetboil Java kit, although, the lid is plunger ready. The added accessories are a plus. The hanging kit attaches directly to the integral pot making for a bomber hanging sytem. The kit that allows for standard pot use is easy to set up, and although not as bomber as the integrated system, it does extend the stove's rang of use. The difference in pot size is minimal and, since both manufacturers only recommend running a half liter of water at a time in their pots, there is no functional difference. Overall weight (minus the fule canister) for the Primus is 384 grams. The Jetboil comes in at 388 grams.


The Primus is every bit as nice as the Jetboil. The push button ignitor works great, construction quality and durability look great, it all packs inside the pot (except for the canister legs) and it is super easy to set-up and use. Like the Jetboil, the Primus EtaSolo is a minimalist stove. These stoves are designed to boil water, not prepare gourmet meals or cook for six people.


I decided to run the stoves head to head for water boling times. Results were predictably close. Both stoves boiled a half liter of water in just over three minutes. In three tests, the Primus hit a roiling boil between 15 and 25 seconds faster than the Jetboil. Not really a big deal, but it was faster.


Both are nice stoves. The Primus adds some functionality by including the hanger and standard pot conversion parts. The Jetboil Java Kit is French press ready. Both run a hundred bucks.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Backcountry Film Festival





Winter Wildland Alliance announces the sixth annual the Backcountry Film Festival. The festival premier is in Boise on November 4. Submissions come from world renowned filmmakers who travel every corner of the globe to submit their best backcountry work, and from grassroots filmmakers who take a video camera out on their weekend excursions and submit their best film short. The top films are then juried and assembled into a night of fun for all.

The Film Festival benefits Winter Wildlands Alliance’s efforts to preserve and conserve winter landscapes for quiet users. After its Boise premiere, the festival travels to more than 30 communities throughout the United States, all the way from Alaska to New Hampshire. Funds raised stay in local communities to support local human-powered recreation efforts.


Winners of the festival this year include:

Best of Festival: Teton Gravity Research’s “Deeper” follows legendary snowboarder Jeremy Jones and other top riders as they forsake helicopters, snowmobiles and lifts to venture deep into untouched terrain under their own power.


Best Short Film: “Desert River” from Sweetgrass Productions, is a beautiful ski adventure into Alaska.

Best Environmental Film; “Whitebark Warrior” from TreeFight and Snaz Media, chronicles the decline of thousand-year old whitebark pines due to climate change and efforts underway to save these iconic high alpine trees.

For more information and tour dates go to

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tele-Vision from Powderwhore Productions



tele-vision ski movie by powderwhore production


Tele-Vision, the latest ski film from Powderwhore Productions is coming to Hood River on Friday, October 15 at Dog River Coffee. Tele-Vision is the Powderwhore’s sixth film and continues their tradition of filming the world’s top telemark skiers skiing untracked lines. This year’s footage includes Utah’s Wasatch Range and the Revelation and Chugach Mountains in Alaska. Tele-Vision offers up classic Powderwhore humor, big lines and outrageous freeheel skiing. The Powderwhore crew logs plenty of uphill miles and delivers some serious face shots. Tele-Vision is sure to fuel the ski season stoke. The show starts at 8pm and tickets are $10.


Wednesday, October 06, 2010

NW Snow & Avalanche Summit 2010



The Northwest Snow and Avalanche Summit 2010 - Sunday November 7th.
The Northwest Snow and Avalanche Summit (NSAS) is a professional development seminar for avalanche workers, and a continuing education opportunity for recreationalists. NSAS is intended for ski patrollers, forecasters, ski guides, search and rescue teams, as well as any number of other occupations that occur on and around snow. The content of NSAS is relevant to professionals and recreationalists alike.
Sunday, November 7th, 2010 from 8:30AM to 5PM at the REI Flagship Store in Seattle.
This years speakers to include:
Tickets may be purchased at:
Ticket Pricing~
  • Through October 7th: $33.50
  • After October 7th: $39.50
  • Nov 7th/Day of Event: $45.00

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